What is the proper amount of indoor humidity?

We recommend keeping your Ocala residence’s humidity range between 30–60%. This could be difficult to maintain during terribly cold weather, which can lower your residence’s humidity as low as 10%.

Our Experts suggest getting a whole-house humidifier to ensure accurate moisture amounts throughout your home.

Here are several advantages of getting a whole-home humidifier:

  • Makes arid air easier to breathe
  • Keeps your nose and throat hydrated
  • Helps control airborne infections
  • Keeps your house comfier

Whole-house humidifiers work like old-fashioned room humidifiers, but they efficiently offer moist air across your house. They’re put in the ductwork, so there’s no need to bring a humidifier from room to room.

They use just the correct water to increase the humidity in your home, but not enough to greatly raise your water expense. Get in touch with our Experts at 352-414-4006 for a complimentary estimate right away.

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