How Much Does Air Conditioning Service Cost?

August 05, 2016

Not only does air conditioning keep you comfortable, it’s also a health necessity when we’re here in the heat of summer. For that reason, when the cold air suddenly isn’t blowing or your AC won’t start up at all, you’re don’t have time to shop around for several days.

When your air conditioning dies in the extreme temperatures of the summer, you don’t always have time to call around for different quotes or research how much you may have to pay. Not having an idea how much repairs can cost when the AC service expert knocks on your door can be scary, so we’re here to provide a few price ranges on some standard services so you won’t be caught off guard when Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning arrives to get you cooling again.

  1. Refrigerant Leak Detection & Repair: $150 - $500
  2. AC Circuit Board Replacement: $450 - $1300
  3. Thermostat Replacement: $200 - $500
  4. Capacitor Replacement: $250 - $350
  5. Contactor Replacement: $150 - $350
  6. AC Fan Motor Replacement: $500 - $1200

Refrigerant Leak Detection and Repair

Depending on how accessible the leak is, whether or not a leak test is needed, and what actually requires repair, a normal refrigerant leak detection and repair can end up costing anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on the accessibility of the leak for the technician. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask your air conditioner repair expert to show you his or her process and go over their findings.

AC Circuit Board Replacement

Sometimes the problem may be beyond the AC equipment itself and the circuit board may need to be replaced. Depending on the make and model of your air conditioner, a new circuit board for your equipment could run anywhere from $450 to $1300.

Thermostat Replacement

If you’re looking to replace your home’s thermostat, a smart wifi thermostat will typically cost more than a basic thermostat. Depending on what kind of thermostat you go with, you’re looking at anywhere between $200 and $550 to have a new on installed. Luckily, the latest thermostats could pay back their investment in energy management savings, if they are programmed properly.

Capacitor or Contactor Replacement

If your A/C system is still young or you decide to repair your older equipment instead of purchasing an energy-efficient A/C system upgrade, a capacitor will probably cost $250 to $350 and a contractor can cost a little lower, ranging from $150 - $350. These repairs are two of the most common for your air conditioner.

AC Fan Motor Replacement

Again, it’s always good to review the pros and cons of paying to repair your current AC system versus purchasing an upgraded, more energy-efficient piece of equipment. If replacing the fan motor is the better choice for you, a fan motor replacement may be between $500 and $1200.

NOTE: Part repair under warranty

A common confusion is that if the issue calls for a part to be replaced, that it is covered through the manufacturer’s equipment warranty; however, there are many other costs that may not be covered by the warranty that will be your out-of-pocket costs. Even with typical repairs, for example, a capacitor replacement, the company still has to process your warranty through the manufacturer so they can receive the credit on the part. Additionally, all manufacturers demand the contractor to hold the part for eight to sixteen weeks and may ask the contractor return the malfunctioned part at the contractor’s cost. Larger repairs, such as a compressor, are included in this process but these larger repairs have additional supplies and materials required (i.e. refrigerant, copper fittings, etc.) that are not covered through the Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty. Unless you have a labor warranty you will continue have to pay additionally for the technician’s labor.

Some of our Membership Plans carry parts and labor coverage that work in tandem with the manufacturer’s warranty to shield you from sudden repair bills.

Remember that these costs are estimates and they can often increase or decrease depending on the climate of your city, the specific issues with your system, how old your equipment is, and whether or not you’ve been getting regular maintenance to maintain the health of your air conditioning system and your manufacturer’s warranty. If your AC is pretty much dead and replacement seems more likely, take a moment to look at our air conditioner pricing guide.

If you would like more information or ever need expert AC repair, call Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning 24/7/365.

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